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Wiki-Rights: December 10th, human rights world day. We release the confidential documents of the EU’s European council (the organization that represents Governments) which prove how certain countries belonging to the EU hamper the European Commission non-discriminations directive by means of fictitious arguments.

Certi Diritti is launching a transparency deal on the EU standing-still directive and asking to Italian, German and Czech governments to interrupt their boycott.

Radical association Certi Diritti press release:

December 10th 2010, on the occasion of Human Rights World day, the Radical Association Certi Diritti promotes the “transparency deal” on non-discriminations directive, put forward by European Council in 2008, issuing on its site all the Council’s documents we took possession of and which reveal the steady and spurious opposition of some Governments – particularly of Italian, German and Czech – about indiscriminate citizens equality, whose aim is keep such directive blocked.

The non-discriminations directive, If got ever approved, would allow to widen the struggle against all the discriminations based on sexual orientation, age, religion and on workplace disability (already covered by in force directive 200/78 CE) also to social security fields, such as education, free access to goods and public services, including the access to the house.

On the occasion of the discussion about the situation of directive in the Council – which took place in the European Parliament, in conjunction with public freedoms Parliamentary Committee last November 30th – Belgian Presidency affirmed that several member states constantly raised vetos and objections concerning the presumed non-respect of subsidiarity principles, proportionality and legal security; it’s obviously about expedients to block the directive.

Belgian Presidency, given the political block, worked on technical aspects (in particular on financial services and age questions, handicap and building trade access, privacy and discriminations ban in real estate or private apartments rental) in order to pave the way for a future, though hard to reach, approval.

The Reading commissioner, representing the European Commission, held meetings with national Governments longing to break the deadlock, unsuccessfully. For the European Commission remains important the directive not to be dismembered into four separate directives (about religion, about sexual orientation, about the age and about the disability).

European deputies who attended those meetings challenged the lack of political will of the Governments previously said, and blamed on Germany, Italy and Czech Republic for their opposition, for the enduring of discriminations on the access to private houses and for the erosion of the directive’s contents in general as well.

The European agency of fundamental rights, introducing its report about homophobia, claimed the necessity to adopt the directive and finally promote the equality.

The Radical Association Certi Diritti therefore decided to make everybody know, and release for first time ever on its site (www.certidiritti.it/wiki-rights.html), over seventy files belonging to the EU’s European Council, headed to the Working Party on Social Questions, in which proposals and objections – fictitious ones too – by various member states despite Commission’s directive are documented in writing.

The appeal we make to all the associations, struggling for civil and human rights throughout Europe, is to promote a series of initiatives in order to help concurring to break directive’s deadlock.

In Italy will be promptly register, by radical deputies such as Matteo Meccacci and Rita Bernardini, a parliamentary inquiry about the affair, demanding for confirmation and agreement of the Italian Government against such directive.

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